General Instructions

This is a public wiki, editable only by conference attendees. You do not need to sign in to view the content or to make comments. The time to sign-in is when you want to makes edits to your group's page. Do not make edits to any other group's page.

Leaving a Comment

To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom of each page and type your comment in the Disqus box. Make sure to leave your name so that other conference participants The Disqus box looks like this:


Use the hashtag #21cnhm

Editing Your Group Page

First make sure you are signed into the wiki. Then, navigate to your group's page
Look for a bar in the top right corner that looks like this:
To edit a page, first make sure you click the "Edit" button and work on the page as you would any text file.


Once finished, hit "Save." NB: When editing your group page, do not touch the semi-opaque square at the bottom of the page. That is the widget for commenting on your group's page.

Reviewing Changes to Your Group Page

Wikispaces records every set of saved changes as a separate version. To access an earlier version, click the clock in the bar at the top of the page. Select the most recent version and the one you would like to use for comparison. What you will see next is the page with insertions in green and deletions in red.

Additional comments or questions? Contact Sarah Banks at